Menu Plan Monday – The Early Edition

I haven’t planned my menu in three weeks. I have no real excuse.

And I regret it. During week one, I realized that I’d made a mistake, and by week 3, I was desperate to get back to it. Last week, I did think through my menu for the week, but not having it written down meant that the stress was still lurking.

Baseball season is upon us, so meal planning is more important than ever. I CAN’T wait until 5:00 to think about supper when we all fan out to baseball practices at 6:00.

So here goes:

Monday – Chicken Stir Fry (check out my detailed tutorial), but I’ll serve it with ramen noodles instead of rice.

Tuesday – Beef and noodle casserole using my pre-cooked ground beef.

Wednesday – Skillet Lasagna using pre-cooked ground beef.

Thursday – Chicken Chunks and whole wheat pasta w/steamed broccoli

  • Chicken Chunks are my kids’ new favorite! Recently, when pressed for time, I’ve started cutting up boneless skinless chicken breasts into chunks, to help them cook more quickly. I put a little olive oil in the bottom of the skillet and season the chunks with salt and pepper. I just stir fry the chunks, and they are delicious. In the kids’ minds they are like chicken nuggets, but much healthier. They eat them up like crazy.

Friday – Dinner out

Saturday – Birthday party

Sunday – Soup and sandwiches

Whew! I’m glad to have that done!

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