Free Deodorant, Master Bedroom Chaos, and Me

If you’ve been here before, you know that I have “Master Bedroom Issues.” It’s my catch-all place for the many things that don’t have a proper home. It’s the door I can justify closing when company comes over (and it locks).

I’ve had many a post about it, and slowly but surely, it is getting better.


But surely.

I’m working in small areas at a time, and have been amazed at what a difference each new decluttered area makes in the overall feel of the room, even when there are still several disaster areas left.

For over a week, I’ve been meaning to write a post about clearing off the end of the bed and the trunk-that-catches-everything-I-don’t-hang-up-right-away. But somehow it hasn’t happened. Money Saving Mom started a clutter challenge, and that took over some planned posts last week. But today, she’s encouraging people to work in their master bedrooms, so here goes.

Are you ready?

That, folks, is the site of the Wonderbra Avalanche. I know . . . it’s bad. Really bad. But to try to defend my self a teeny-tiny bit, I will say that prior to the aforementioned avalanche, it was at least precariously perched upon the not-visible-in-this-picture trunk, not spilling onto the recently cleared rug.

But here’s what it looked like after about 30 minutes of work.

Much better, right? The real irony here is that my mother bought me that gorgeous trunk specifically because it was camel-backed. She said I didn’t need another flat surface to pile things on. Guess I showed her, huh?

Blankets that were no longer needed as the weather warms up went to their new home. Many things went into the garage sale pile, some to the laundry, and some to storage for next winter.

So everything has been hunky-dorey since then, right?

Weeellll, not exactly. It’s my goal with this blog to figure out why I am the way I am and what I can do to change it. A big part of that is accepting reality. I’m not a neat-freak. My brain works differently from that of a neat-freak, meaning that I don’t see the little bits of clutter until they’re a big pile of clutter.

I want my master bedroom to be done. I want it to be decluttered and beautiful for the rest of my life. But the reality is that things end up in there. Things that don’t yet have a home. Even though I’m working to find homes for everything this year, there will always be new things coming in. When it’s 4:30 and we have our home group coming over in an hour, and I see a pile of stuff that hubby brought home from a conference sitting on the dining room table, I don’t necessarily have the time to analyze what to do with it. It can go in the master bedroom until it’s time to urge him to take it to his office. It just can’t stay in the master bedroom.

My master bedroom will always be a place that I have to work on. And consistently removing the small amounts of clutter is what will keep it from getting back to its state of disaster.

This morning, I decided to stop the spiral and work on the master bedroom again. I wasn’t clearing out any additional disaster areas, just maintaining the ones that I’ve already done.

Here’s the before:

And here it is 45 minutes later. 45 minutes which included several doll re-dressings, and a frantic search for the one and only doll who could wear a certain dress. Oh, and it also included several minutes spent reading through my wedding planning spiral (from almost 11 years ago), which was in hubby’s “little pile” from last weekend’s decluttering sessions.

Not perfect, and I still have very far to go, but as I keep re-learning in this “coming clean” process, decluttering doesn’t work if you don’t also maintain, and it’s impossible to maintain until you’ve decluttered.

Every single thing cluttering up the before picture had an explanation. The suitcase was there because I was filling it with winter clothes as I folded laundry yesterday. The “little piles” were the result of some pretty solid decluttering done over the weekend. The humongous white comforter came out of the suitcase yesterday after having served its purpose of giving the suitcase some weight while being used as a prop recently.

But even though there are explanations, I’m working to stop letting my explanations turn into excuses. It’s only an explanation for a day. After the suitcase sits there for a week, it’s an excuse.

Make sense?

Oh, and the free deodorant mentioned in the title? I’ll give you a little glimpse into my slob-brain. With couponing, I’m often able to get free or almost free deodorant. Since I usually have 4 or 5 at a time, it’s way too easy to go get a new one when my current one gets lost in the chaos of the room. And then, when I’m “using” all 4 or 5 and lose the very last one, one of the others generally pops out from under the bed or behind the dresser, and I start the rounds again. Sooo, does that mean that having 4 or 5 free deodorants is a good thing for a slob, or a bad thing? Hmmm . . . .

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