How People Randomly Find Me

Through Google Analytics, I can see what searches bring people to my site, and also how long they stay once they find me.

It’s very interesting.

Don’t worry, I can’t see anything about the person who searched, just the search words.

So here’s a list of some of them, leaving out things like my blog name or Nony the Slob.

Declutter. (Makes sense)

Kids Daily Checklist.

“24 year old daughter a slob” – (Why that one is in quotes, I’m not sure.)

Cleaning schedule.

Checklist to a clean house with kids.

Children chore chart wood. (hmmm . . . )

Chore chart.

Clean my house quickly.

clean slobs bedroom. (Is “clean” a verb or an adjective here?)

Daily checklist for ____________. (lots of different things here)

Hospitable. (Interesting)

How to change habits of a slob.

How to help when daughter in law is a slob. (If my mil knew how to search the internet, this would have been her.)

i cannot keep my house and he is a slob. (This one makes me laugh.)

i read the total money makeover.

laundry routine.

living with a slob or clueless person. (this one makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up)

mil tells hubby im a slob. (This one makes me grieve for her – the slob, not the mother-in-law.)

mother slob organizing daily tasks template (I like this one.)

My wife is a slob and i am going crazy. (No need for comment on this one, except that I wonder if I am the only person out there who would capitalize “I” even on a google search.)


I find all of this interesting, but it also makes me see that there are people out there struggling with the things I struggle with.

But here’s what really fascinates me – out of all of these, which ones would you guess actually spent time on my blog?

I would have hoped that it would be the frustrated husband, or the Mother-in-law. I would have hoped that they could read and find out that their hopelessly unorganized loved-one is not a bad person. She (or he) is just someone whose brain works differently than theirs. I would have liked for them to gain some insight and have some compassion.

But generally those types of searches resulted in people “bouncing” or basically clicking right away. I wonder what they were hoping to find?

And what were the winners? Decluttering and declutter did well, as well as things to do with checklists and charts. “How to change habits of a slob” did well, and “mother slob organizing . . . ” stayed a while too.

But the big winner, the one who stayed 30 minutes on their first visit? You’d probably never guess. “i read the total money makeover.”

Seriously. That cracks me up. It also makes me happy, because it shows that maybe it’s not just me. Maybe it is true that getting your finances in order and getting your house in order really are related.

If you’re reading now, and you found me through one of these searches, I’m so glad to have you here. However people find me, I’m happy. I’m learning more and more that there are slobs everywhere, in every walk of life, some of us just hide it well.


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