All Ready For Fun

We have the cousins spending the night tonight. 3 kids plus 2 more does not increase the noise factor to only 5. More like 20.

So this morning, I did my normal kitchen clean-up, and then decided to go pick up the rest of the house before leaving, so you know, there wouldn’t be too many gasps from the cousins whose mother always keeps her home neat. “Out of the mouths of babes” is only cute when it’s about stuff other than my deepest insecurity.

And what did I find? The house looked pretty much okay. Not party ready, but definitely kid ready. I straightened couch pillows, put away some shoes, and was ready to leave.


It’s a nice feeling knowing that I’ve done laundry on Monday (including put-away so there’s no laundry mountain to be moved to the master bedroom). The bathrooms were cleaned on Tuesday, and I mopped yesterday. I didn’t vacuum this morning for time’s sake and because I did it on Tuesday before the grandparents came for my 4 year old’s party.

Go me!


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