Laundry Report – Week 1 and Daily Checklist

Things I’ve learned during this first week of my new laundry routine:

The boys have plenty of socks.

I do not have enough socks.

Don’t wear your favorite totally-comfy-but-you-tell-yourself-they’re-slimming-so-you-wear-them-twice-a-week sweatpants on Tuesday morning when you clean bathrooms. You won’t be able to wear them again until after they’re washed the next Monday, because cleaning bathrooms is disgusting.

We have too many clothes.

Make sure you buy laundry detergent BEFORE Monday morning.

I think (I didn’t take a picture so I’m not completely sure) that there were fewer piles to do today than there were last week, since last week was the first laundry day in, ahem, quite a while.

Tell your husband that you’ve made Monday laundry day, so he doesn’t think you’ve completely stopped doing laundry and start to feel sick to his stomach that all of your slobbish ways are returning. Also so he doesn’t feel the need to start a load over the weekend, even though that’s incredibly sweet of him.

It feels really good to have clean clothes all week.

It’s kind of fun to do laundry all day long and feel like you’re accomplishing something instead of running on one of those hamster wheels.

I’m sure I’ll keep learning as the weeks go by. For now, after an ENTIRE week of experience, I’ll give my totally-expert opinion that this is a good laundry routine.


Daily checklist:

Closed cabinet doors.

Made bed.

Emptied dishwasher

Swept kitchen

Made to-do list.

Cleaned up kitchen.

Did a 5 minute (OKAY OKAY) a two minute pickup.

Last night I:

Wiped down bathrooms.

Put out clothes.

Cleaned up kitchen – I’m a little overly proud of this since we had homegroups last night and although I had just emptied the dishwasher in the afternoon, I went ahead and reloaded it with all the dishes created by the group, and ran it again. For some reason, normally I think that I shouldn’t have to do it twice, but alas . . . all housekeeping points expire at midnight.



  1. 1
    Lenetta @ Nettacow says:

    Wow, you learned a lot! :>)

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    You are just toooo funny! Love your honesty and how you put it is great! You really make me laugh!! Great blog!!
    Brandi (the one without a blog but made a couple comments and found your blog from your Granny's Chocolate Cobbler on Kelly's website.
    So glad I checked yours out!! You're just tooo cute and funny and have some of the BEST darned recipe's~ever!!

  3. 3

    Yesterday was my first attempt to start an honest to goodness Laundry Day. Today still has blankets and towels to go, but I wanted to thank you for sharing how struggles can be overcome.
    I’m waiting to see if I can keep it up. I’m liking the whole, don’t do laundry for a week!

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