People are Earning Swagbucks out There

Last month, I posted an explanation of Swagbucks. A few of you signed up, and although I can’t see info on anyone who’s my referral, I can see that one person who signed up since then has earned 29 swagbucks already! Others have earned in the teens. I’m just saying . . .



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    i joined recently and am slowly gaining points. what the besides searching with the tool bar how else can i get points?

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    At the top of the swagbucks homepage there is a thing that says "Ways to Earn" that you can click on. Under Special Offers you can click on the "no obligation offers" and go through all of them clicking "No thanks" or "skip" for the offers, and at the end there will be code you can copy and paste where it says "enter a Swag Code" on your Swagbucks homepage. The main way I earn extras though is to watch my "From TSG" place on the toolbar for new messages. Every once in a while, sometimes for days in a row, he'll send out codes to enter for a free swagbuck. I think there are hunts and other things you can do, but I get most of mine through normal searching and the codes he sends out. And best of all, if you refer someone, you also get a swagbuck for every swagbuck they earn, up to their first 100.

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    LOL, that person is me, if the total is now 40 😉 I google ALL DAY LONG it seems – for everything….definition of a word, sunrise/set times, recipes, tips, etc… If it helps you out, awesome! I'm loving getting the rewards, saving up for an amazon gift card! 🙂

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